Photography as Art: What Makes an Excellent Photographer?

Taking photography classes can make you a good photographer, perhaps an above-average shot taker. But it takes more than reading notes to make you an excellent photographer. So what is that ingredient that sets a great photographer above peers of similar training?


Great photography is not a job you can do just for the paycheck. You have to show up and put your heart in it. You have to love every part of the process and be ready to do what others are not doing. Take camera angles for example. When photographing the same subject, most photographers will use the same angle.

A great photographer, however, must show creativity bordering on being dramatic. To get the best shots, you will need to step off the paths, bend down low or even climb on funny surfaces. You might appear ridiculous while doing it, but the quality of shots you get will be worth it.

Keep Learning

Even if you are the best photographer in your clique, there is always room for improvement. Aim to look for photographers who are better than you and find out what they are doing differently. The internet is a great resource in this regard. Online, you will find galleries that will challenge you and numerous resources to learn from.

Invest in Photography

Reward your artistry with the best tools. Go the extra mile to get a good camera, great lenses and other accessories that will help you get a good shot. Always be on the lookout for advancements and pick the necessary ones. Most cameras today support software upgrades, making it cheaper to move a level higher.

Embrace Editing

Many photographers regard editing as an amateur task. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every great production owes a lot to post-production, and so dos photography. Get good editing software and learn how to polish your art.

Happy shooting!