Welcome to Mistral Photography

Photography has always been a great way to tell stories and preserve memories. In the past, many people used to have special days for photography sessions, with the resultant images forming part of treasured albums.

Today, the way photos are taken has changed tremendously. With the influx of cameras and their incorporation into mobile phones, pretty much everyone is a photographer today. This site has been created to appreciate the great art that is photography. It has helpful articles grouped into various sections.

Photography as Art

Photography goes beyond just taking lessons on how to handle a camera. Articles in this section offer tips to photographers on some practices they should embrace in order to stand out from their peers.

Photographers Tools and Tips

Besides being creative, photographers also need specific tools to bring out their best art. They need to take pictures in a certain way too. This section sheds light on some of these items that can help good photographers become excellent.

Special Occasions Photography

This section touches on special events that require special photography. It explains why photography is essential on such occasions and how to go about it if and when called upon.

Professional Photography

After a while of amateur photography, a time comes when a photographer may need to go pro. This section has articles on the tools that one needs to become a professional photographer. It also touches on the route one should take in finding clients once they go pro.

There is so much about photography covered on Mistral, take a look and take advantage!